Numeralien Studios is a joint venture between
Nathan Knauf and Dominic Liotti, formed in 2012.

We create games because they are uniquely interactive, dynamic,
and engaging in a way unachievable by all other forms of media.

Our Work:

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Nathan Knauf Collaborative Dominic Liotti
Looking For America
(Oculus Share)
Milgram (Oculus Share) LakeyMcGee.exe (Web)
Hat (Download, .zip, 2MB) Planetoid (Download, .zip, 16MB) (LD) John Cena's WrestleQuest 2K15 (Web) (LD)
Dungeon Run: Gauntlet
(Download, .zip, 8MB)
Stat Quest (Web) Graveyard Shift (Web) (LD)
Seventh World Problems (Web) PREPAROTRON (Web) (LD)
The Plurality (Download, .zip, 9MB) Spyfall (Web)
Nerd (Web)
Milgram (Web) (LD)